Our Story

We love to brew beer. We brew every weekend when we are both off from our corporate jobs. We want to move on from that regular life living from paycheck to paycheck being controlled as pawns for some higher ups with other agendas. So we would rather do something that we have pure passion for and that is to build a brewery and brew great beer for the masses. It has been our dream and our goal for quite some time and committed to brew really good beer. So far we’ve had huge support from our friends and family and our beer has won awards in the Nevada state brew competitions. Hopefully our dreams will be realized soon and that you will be able to stop by our brewery and try our beer out. Hopefully everything will fall into place and that we meet the right people and obtain the capital to get started. In the mean time, keep an eye out and check in on us to see updates on how we are progressing. We will continue to keep our story going. Feel free to drop a line in our blogs and hopefully we’ll see you soon.

The Head Brewers

Anthony Trujillo
Founder & Brewer
Over 7 years brewing experience. The Brain child of the operation.


Jeremy Tiglao
Co-Founder & Brewer
3 years brewing experience and mentored by Anthony. Also head of engineering, fabrication, research, and development.